Monday, June 01, 2009

happy JUNE

where has the time gone?????

I've been busy knitting on the way afghan... although apparently not busy enough because the wedding is this weekend and the afghan isn't even half finished. I'll soon post poicuters of some of the squares.

this weekend was the Moravian alum reunion. I got to see many old choir friends... and sing with our director, which is always an extreme pleasure. I absolutely adore Dick Schantz and he and Monica kept us in stitches as usual. I stoped at my old sorority house and reminisced with some of the sisters about the bygone days.

I must have picked up a bug at school becuase the rest of the weekend I was feeling rather poorly... fever... headache the whole nine yards. I'm still not myself. But the good news is tmrw is my last day of teaching. I really need a break.

And I'm off to South American for a bit. I'll try to post pictures to keep you up to date mom. I want to hit up some thrift shops before I go though to grab what could be the last of the wool for the year until the fall sets in ..
right now I'm frogging what I think to be alpaca. It appears to be handknit and extremely well made.. no tags... my guess is alpaca it's strange though the outside is fuzzier than the inside.. although when frogged it doesn't seem that the yarn is strange at all... such a pretty color. would make a lovely shawl... This one I may be keeping for myslef (or something for a gift... )

i'm going to attempt NaBloPoMo this month as a way to journal the trip. Wish me luck....

DD and i were out to buy paper for me to make my awards for school. We found some cute things for their teachers for end of year gifts.I have to get the daycare people something this week as well... it's all coming fast and furious to a gigantic halt.

OK.. signing off for now.. pictures to come!

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g-girl said...

you finish the wedding afghan yet? i think as long as they receive it within their first year of marriage it's all right. :) south america, you lucky girl! :)