Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father´s day

and partly cloudy, but not too cold. The kids, abuelos and DH went to Parque de la Costa while Vivi and I walked puerto frutos... I bought a few things to bring back as gifts (yes mom, you included) and took some lovely pictures... wish I could share them. DH had the good camera with him so I had the little Polaroid, but there are some nice shots of the river anyway.

After we returned we went to his friend´s house for a little reunion.... lots of food. And of course I knit... seems to be a theme.

The socks were well recieved for which I´m happy.

I have no idea what´s on the docket for tmrw..... I have some plans depending on the weather in the morning though....


hakucho said...

Glad you are having a such good trip! Enjoy :)

g-girl said...

can i come with you the next time you go visit your inlaws?? ;)