Wednesday, June 24, 2009

avenida scalabrini

today was MY day. MIL took me downtown to the street with the yarn shops.

I think we hit every yarn shop there... and i picked my favorites

#1 favorite...Milana hilados
they have roving AND manos del uruguay... i thought I had died and gone to heaven. I bought some roving for me and some for a friend :-)

#2 favorite...hilarte
very nice yarn!

#3 favorite...yanabe they have looms and beautiful yarns cotton and wool as well as synthetics

and there´s a place with wooden buttons and shawl closures called arte norte. Very nice stuff.

there was one more shop that my MIL bought this merino/silk blend for about 70 pesos/kilo Really nice yarn....but the name of the shop escapes me.

I also bought about170 grams of black yarn.. .don´t know the composition, but me thinks it´s acrylic with maybe some silk... for like 8 pesos... unbelieveable the prices I tell you. I could have brought back mountains of yarn and wool... but DH would have had a fit... he started by saying you can go and look... just look..what´s the point I ask!

ok.. well this day was one of the best for me. I am a happy girl

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