Saturday, June 20, 2009

rainy days

+ Saturday = inside activity....

so we went to museo de los niños

The kids had lots of fun.... after it closed at 8, we went to the arcade and they played there a bit as well.

hopefully tmrw will be nice. I´d like to go to the nearby harbor and take some pictures.... in the morning... alone.

At night we´re going to DHs friends house for a little get together with a bunch of his friends.... I´ll take along some knitting!

The socks are finished with about 2 meters of yarn left.... so they will be given tmrw as part of a fathers day gift.. wish I could upload a picture... it´ll have to wait.

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g-girl said...

wow, the museum looked really cool! I checked out the website. :) can't wait to see the socks you finished!