Monday, June 08, 2009

great finds, great day :-D

the best find of the year!
Official Tour de France yellow t-shirt...

I am in love <3 new with tags for $3.50

It will adorn both me and louise during this year's tour... can't wait!

and what appears to be a black cashmere twinset in black for $3.50 as well FIber content tag was missing.. but it's got the feel and halo and says handwash or dry clean.

can you see me doing the happy dance????

also i got mom some photo boxes and when the cashier rung them up they were 50%off... YES! Truly it was my day of all days......

last night/this morning I made DD a hippie headband for her retro costume day at school

pattern: hippie
yarn: sugar 'n cream stripes
color: lime stripes
needle: US8
changes: 110 stitches CO, 3 repeats instead of 5

rock on!

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