Sunday, April 11, 2010

hearty wishes

will be given to the happy couple at the shower, April 24th.

Pattern: 2 Heats as 1 by Cathy Waldie
Yarn: Sugar and Cream
Color: White
Needle: US3
Recipient: Heather

We were shopping with the kids yesterday and I saw this sign at Sears. Do you see the problem with it??? Needless to say, I didn't take advantage of the sale.

Picked up 3 silk ties at the thrift store to try the egg dyeing again. DH claimed the one from the MOMA so it's hanging in his closet now.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

love, love, love

all you need is love

Pattern: Love by Rachel van Schie
Yarn: Circulo Yarns
Color: red
Needle: US3
Recipient: Heather

I used small needles so the design would pop. This will go along with the red and white ball bands. I'd love to do a checkerboard one.. I wonder fi I could figure that out.. maybe double knit potholder.. hmmmmmm

PSSAs started today at school. Had 19 knitters to teach... ouch... and it was over 90 degrees today with no A/C at the school or in my van either for that matter.

Sitting watching the Phils; love those boys!

Monday, April 05, 2010

a different celebration

for us this year. Kids up before 6AM.... got baskets... piled in to church. 90 minutes later,....drop DH off..... take kids to starbucks for breakfast....go to mom's...visit....pick her up .....all pile back to car.... church....rehearse... service.... Easter dinner at Carlucci's with kids, DH, mother, brother, nephew and brother's MIL....head back home..... chill for 30 min... hide eggs in yard... kids hunt (takes all of 5 min)..... make newsies... sleep!

Oh and I got to knit while in the car. Finished this:

Baby Hoodie by Hannah Garcia
Yarn: Grace by Paton's
Color: Spearmint
Needle: US6 (kind of...)
Recipient: baby William Bott
Mods: left off front pocket, changed construction of hood.

Now to pack it up and mail it off... so he can wear it at least once before he outgrows it!

Must. do. school. grades.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

happy easter

The bunny was a very busy girl today. Went shopping for baskets... not candy, but some last minute goodies, like bike helmets a movie, etc. Stopped at the thrift shop to donate a large bag and went in and came out with a large bag... hahaha cashmere sweaters, wool sweaters to felt for a Christmas gift project, a pizza stone, pants for DS2, a movie for DS1 and a silk tie.

I wanted to try my hand at literally tie dyeing eggs... It wasn't too successful... I'm not giving up though!

Speaking of dyeing... this week I dyed some handspun in colors that remind me of tulips...The green is the leaves and stems and well the rest is the flower itself.

My SIL was admitted to the hospital today with double pneumonia. We usually have Easter at their house, but I knew she wasn't feeling well so had thought we'd stay home and I'd do the dinner thing here for the family. My other SIL is sick as well, so I wanted to make sure that mom had someone to celebrate with. We're all heading down very early in the AM and bringing her to church with us then going out for lunch. Fortunately, I was able to get reservations for us at a favorite Italian restaurant between church and her 'village' and not far from the hospital that my SIL is in. So I convinced my brother and nephew to join us, since they still need to eat! DS1 will be just as happy not to see his dog cousin!

The hoodie is almost finished.. making the hood now... I think I realized a kind of major error, but it looks ok... so I'll let it slide. IF I ever make this pattern again, I'll be using the yarn it calls for... just didn't have it in boy colors and I want to knit from stash this year only (if at all possible)

At any rate, enjoy your holiday... It's my favorite one of all (actually my favorite church service was Friday... something about that tenebrae service really hits me.)