Monday, March 28, 2011

pentatonic wonders

I've seen this video several times before, but it is SO worth sharing. Particulary in our current mindset of budget cuts which directly affect the arts in most cases.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

perigee moon

picture from nasa of the moon rising above the Lincoln Memorial I use this because my own picture isn't that good and it was later and not nearly as large.

Tonight our great friends came for dinner... Manicotti (or canneloni) with homemade crepe shells some with vodka sauce, others with puttanesca sauce and some with cheese and spinach filling with alfredo sauce. For dessert just see the pics below. To say I'm stuffed is an understatement.


ricotta pie


After it was all said and done and everyone (well almost everyone) had gone to bed, the middle child and I spent some time writing notes to each other. Then we spent another hour talking. I wonder how long he'll put up with doing that with his old fart mother.

This is my pathetic shot of the moon last night...

A local photographer Hub Willson has a WONDERFUL photo that he took last night with a 900mm lens... breathtaking

Monday, March 14, 2011

let's do the twist

I started a pair of socks for me... then realized I hadn't read the pattern completely so ripped them out last night.. I'll start them again. Knitty's Twisted but I'm wondering if I do 3k and the twisted purl if I can then turn them inside out to make them. they are reversible after all. I asked the designer and she said no one had tried it that she knew of.. and that the toe and heel shaping is very specific. although twisting the purl stitch can be a pain because you hvae to grab it from behind to twist it.. so it might not be worth it.

Anyway state testing begins tmrw and I have to proctor for close to 4 hours a day. The rest of the day I sit with my homeroom... doing who knows what so I'll be taking knitting along!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

a walk about

town on Monday with the hub....
My school was cancelled due to 'inclement weather' but at home it was cold windy but sunny and beautiful so our kids had school. After dropping them and returning home for breakfast with the hub we decided to take the time to go for a walk since he is on spring break from the college. We walked about 3 miles or so and then stopped for coffee at one of my favorite places in town that isn't my house!

Along the way I took these photos. I could live in any one of these houses I think ;-)

I love how the sun crosses in front of these gorgeous wooden garage doors. The garage that owns these doors belongs to this house. This is the side view of the house.. there is a gorgeous enclosed sunroom on the north side of the house and an open covered porch on the south side.

Down the street near the library is this cute brick house and the single brethren house of the Moravian Church. Both of these are historical buildings.

But my favorite picture is this which met me on Sunday afternoon. It says Mom and Dad I love you bye Pablo. He was so angry with my hub cuz he asked him how to spell by and hub thought he meant as in goodbye which he didn't.... but it's still too cute!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

fastnacht socks?

here they are... a long overdue Christmas gift for the love of my life.

Pattern: Manly Socks by Hannah Six
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock
Colorway: 149
Needle: US2 (my new sox stix by lantern moon :-) )
Recipient: the hubby!

He requested them to be longer than the last 2 pairs. I had very little yarn left. I think it's going to be kept in a safe place for the inevitable darning. I was calling them fasnacht socks because all day they only had the end of the toe left to do... I teased him that I was going to leave them that way like a donut!

I'm not really crazy about this yarn. I didn't rewind the skein and maybe that would have helped but it was really sticky in pulling it out and I spend LOTS of time undoing little knots.

Now I need to cast on something for next week at school when I'll be proctoring exams and watching my homeroom for hours.... Something mindless because Lord knows I'll be interrupted enough!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

american girl knitting

long overdue

Pattern: Julie's Jeans by Cathy Bird
Yarn: ? 2 different yarns
Color: medium blue and light blue
Needle: US7
Recipient DD

I found this pattern on ravelry. I won't link it but you can do a search to find it there as well

Pattern: Ernestine Doll Hat by Wendy Poush
Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist Solids
Colorway: 8359 Inchworm
Needle: US 8
Ribbon: From stash bought at Joanns
Recipient: DD

Pattern: Shoes from 18" doll summer fun ensemble by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer
Yarn: Scraps
Colorway: Dark Teal
Needle: US8
Recipient: DD

There is still a skirt and sweater to post but that will be a while yet I'm afraid. DD loves her AG clothing... I'll make her more after I finish the man's socks... working on the foot of the 2nd. I get about 7 minutes a day to knit if I'm lucky!

just to mention that I couldn't post in firefox today. Had to open the safari to get this in... a little frustrating