Sunday, March 06, 2011

american girl knitting

long overdue

Pattern: Julie's Jeans by Cathy Bird
Yarn: ? 2 different yarns
Color: medium blue and light blue
Needle: US7
Recipient DD

I found this pattern on ravelry. I won't link it but you can do a search to find it there as well

Pattern: Ernestine Doll Hat by Wendy Poush
Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist Solids
Colorway: 8359 Inchworm
Needle: US 8
Ribbon: From stash bought at Joanns
Recipient: DD

Pattern: Shoes from 18" doll summer fun ensemble by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer
Yarn: Scraps
Colorway: Dark Teal
Needle: US8
Recipient: DD

There is still a skirt and sweater to post but that will be a while yet I'm afraid. DD loves her AG clothing... I'll make her more after I finish the man's socks... working on the foot of the 2nd. I get about 7 minutes a day to knit if I'm lucky!

just to mention that I couldn't post in firefox today. Had to open the safari to get this in... a little frustrating


firefly said...

Beautiful work Carol, the doll looks so cute in her new outfit! Lucky little girl who will (or did) receive it!

hakucho said...

Too cute :) Looks like fun to knit for this size doll...much better size than Barbie!

g-girl said...

love the hat and the shoes!!!

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