Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year

I am so blessed. I have 3 great, happy healthy children, a loving, caring, generous, kind husband, and really terrific friends whom I love a lot and I feel their love as well,a warm house, enough food and drink, vehicles that take us where we need or want to go, and the beauty of the world that God provides us. What more could a person need?

I'm not one for new year's resolutions. It seems as though they fall by the wayside shortly into the year. I would like to finish some outstanding projects: home improvement and craft, organize my time a bit more and become a bit more motivated, and maybe lose a few pounds, but no promises ;-)

2011 brought us lots:
The first year my sons played organized baseball (and the oldest one LOVED it).
The first year my kids played organized soccer.
The completion of my first year as a junior high music teacher (totally NOT my age choice).
The year my daughter became a woman (TMI I know).
The little patio in the back.
A cool hammock stand for the hubs so he can USE the hammock.
A new furnace and water heater (ouch on the wallet).
Experiencing my first earthquake.
My first year as a parent of a middle schooler.
Dealing with a leaking roof... still dealing with that one :-(
Snowstorm before Halloween causing multiple day power outage.
The first time my oldest son auditioned for a play (and got the role he wanted YAY!)
A larger project knitted from my handspun yarn :-)
The Christmas where I truly found no need to receive any gifts because of the pleasure I got from giving them (and this was the best gift of all!)
The least stressed holiday ever (and the most organized I've been in years)

I am so blessed. May you have a blessed 2012

Sunday, December 11, 2011

yule moon

was yesterday. There was a lunar eclipse on the west coast of the US and I believe in the southern hemisphere on Friday. Of course, we didn't see it.

Today I found this

"Hierbas Buenas" Valley Petroglyphs (Night Time Lapse Movie) from St├ęphane Guisard on Vimeo.

set to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. So beautiful.

DS1 joined the science club at his school and his work for this week was to watch the moon. The beginning of the week was a bust as we had cloudy skies and lots of rain (yes the roof still leaks) but since Thursday the skies have been really beautiful.

Last night I went to see DH's women's chorus at Moravian College Vespers. I decided to hoof the mile to the church in spite of the sudden low temps. It was a beautiful walk.

Today I feel miserable. I finally have the cold that's been going around school. Thank goodness it waited until my concert at school was over (and my Messiah gig)

The vest... what a story I have to tell with that. I'll wait until it's complete then tell the while mess at once.

3 batches of cookies are baked and dough for cut outs is in the fridge. Today I started to infuse a pint of Bombay gin with pomegranate.... Has to work it's magic for a month.

Some Christmas gifts are made, others have yet to be finished. And yet I feel this still calm in my soul... like no worries. It'll get done in time before the baby is born.
8 days of school until break. Not that I'm counting ;-)