Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year

I am so blessed. I have 3 great, happy healthy children, a loving, caring, generous, kind husband, and really terrific friends whom I love a lot and I feel their love as well,a warm house, enough food and drink, vehicles that take us where we need or want to go, and the beauty of the world that God provides us. What more could a person need?

I'm not one for new year's resolutions. It seems as though they fall by the wayside shortly into the year. I would like to finish some outstanding projects: home improvement and craft, organize my time a bit more and become a bit more motivated, and maybe lose a few pounds, but no promises ;-)

2011 brought us lots:
The first year my sons played organized baseball (and the oldest one LOVED it).
The first year my kids played organized soccer.
The completion of my first year as a junior high music teacher (totally NOT my age choice).
The year my daughter became a woman (TMI I know).
The little patio in the back.
A cool hammock stand for the hubs so he can USE the hammock.
A new furnace and water heater (ouch on the wallet).
Experiencing my first earthquake.
My first year as a parent of a middle schooler.
Dealing with a leaking roof... still dealing with that one :-(
Snowstorm before Halloween causing multiple day power outage.
The first time my oldest son auditioned for a play (and got the role he wanted YAY!)
A larger project knitted from my handspun yarn :-)
The Christmas where I truly found no need to receive any gifts because of the pleasure I got from giving them (and this was the best gift of all!)
The least stressed holiday ever (and the most organized I've been in years)

I am so blessed. May you have a blessed 2012


Kristyn said...

Sounds ike you had a wonderful 2011. Happy New Year to you and yours.

hakucho said...

Glad you had a great Christmas...

Happy new year...may you and your family have much happiness in the new year :)

g-girl said...

2011 was quite eventful for you! here's to a happy 2012. :)

Becka said...

Happy New Year! Reads as though you had a fabulous 2010! We did, too...we are so blessed! I pray that 2012 brings you a wonderful year!
My apologies, I've been out of the "blog loop" for a long time and am trying to catch up! hope you stop by my blog...I'm back in the personal blogging swing (finally!).

Becka said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I agree, we can encourage one another to blog away! I do miss visiting your blog as did (tooo long) ago!