Wednesday, March 09, 2011

a walk about

town on Monday with the hub....
My school was cancelled due to 'inclement weather' but at home it was cold windy but sunny and beautiful so our kids had school. After dropping them and returning home for breakfast with the hub we decided to take the time to go for a walk since he is on spring break from the college. We walked about 3 miles or so and then stopped for coffee at one of my favorite places in town that isn't my house!

Along the way I took these photos. I could live in any one of these houses I think ;-)

I love how the sun crosses in front of these gorgeous wooden garage doors. The garage that owns these doors belongs to this house. This is the side view of the house.. there is a gorgeous enclosed sunroom on the north side of the house and an open covered porch on the south side.

Down the street near the library is this cute brick house and the single brethren house of the Moravian Church. Both of these are historical buildings.

But my favorite picture is this which met me on Sunday afternoon. It says Mom and Dad I love you bye Pablo. He was so angry with my hub cuz he asked him how to spell by and hub thought he meant as in goodbye which he didn't.... but it's still too cute!


g-girl said...

what gorgeous homes. i especially love that garage!! nice sidewalk note. :)

lesley said...

hi carol
yes i could also live in any of those houses.
and :-) for pablo.