Saturday, March 19, 2011

perigee moon

picture from nasa of the moon rising above the Lincoln Memorial I use this because my own picture isn't that good and it was later and not nearly as large.

Tonight our great friends came for dinner... Manicotti (or canneloni) with homemade crepe shells some with vodka sauce, others with puttanesca sauce and some with cheese and spinach filling with alfredo sauce. For dessert just see the pics below. To say I'm stuffed is an understatement.


ricotta pie


After it was all said and done and everyone (well almost everyone) had gone to bed, the middle child and I spent some time writing notes to each other. Then we spent another hour talking. I wonder how long he'll put up with doing that with his old fart mother.

This is my pathetic shot of the moon last night...

A local photographer Hub Willson has a WONDERFUL photo that he took last night with a 900mm lens... breathtaking


g-girl said...

everything looks delicious! beautiful shot of the moon over lincoln memorial. that is cute that you and your middle child were writing notes back and forth with one another. :)

hakucho said...

Yum...everything looks delicious :)
Enjoy your baby's 16 and nothing I do is right....good thing I love him and don't take to heart what he says to me. I know that by the time he's in college things will change...

yoel said...

yum yum yum! That pie looks amazing!