Sunday, April 11, 2010

hearty wishes

will be given to the happy couple at the shower, April 24th.

Pattern: 2 Heats as 1 by Cathy Waldie
Yarn: Sugar and Cream
Color: White
Needle: US3
Recipient: Heather

We were shopping with the kids yesterday and I saw this sign at Sears. Do you see the problem with it??? Needless to say, I didn't take advantage of the sale.

Picked up 3 silk ties at the thrift store to try the egg dyeing again. DH claimed the one from the MOMA so it's hanging in his closet now.


Jane said...

Haha, what a deal!

Serendipity Handmade said...

Ikea does that too! They hang fake white or yellow sale banners for some products during their semi-annual sales...even though the price hasn't changed. Awful.

g-girl said...

lol. nice sale. did you say anything to the sales people?? jw.