Sunday, June 14, 2009


fair has grown since last i was there. Many more vendors... although not much better quality.. a few very nice silver jewelry makers, a couple of nice leather vendors, and one very nice wood vendor (trays, bowls etc) and a lady with the dried orange boxes was there.... I should have bought one. I love them!

Got DH a nice leather coin wallet for the kids to give him next Sunday and a wooden shawl closure for me.

We saw some very good tango dancers in the square... very good and 2 of those human statues. I took pictures, but of course can´t upload them because I´m not using MY computer right now.

DS2 still isn´t feeling very well.. so the bookends went along to the museo de ciantifico... reminded me of an expanded DaVinci Center. It was in the center of the arts in recoleta. VERY crowded because of the holiday weekend I´m guessing, plus many schools have been closed for some time because of the flu. At any rate it´s a nice place that deserves more time to explain things to the kids.. it took me a while to understand the signs explaining the exhibits (remember it´s all in spanish)

Later we went to the primos for dinner... DS2 stayed back with my MIL but the bookends slept the whole time we were there... and now they´re not feeling well either.

So tomorrow could be a bust.... we´ll see... hope not. AND i hope to post pictures soon... There are some really good ones plus videos of the dancers....

the sock is coming along.. turned the heel and now am working the foot... this herringbone rib takes about 3 times as long to knit as stockinette... what was i thinking and I´m afraid I´ll run out of yarn b4 it´s done.. better start searching the net for more!

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