Saturday, June 27, 2009


we went out last night to dinner and the movies... and didn´t get back until very late.. so this post is for yesterday.

Went for a long walk, about 6 miles. Saw lots of stuff and enjoyed the exercise. All this was while the bookends went on a train to Tigre and DS1 stayed home with aba.

then we went out for dinner....and a movie. WE saw Angels and Demons Dinner started at about 10 and the movie at 11. When we were leaving the cinema, the lines for the movies that started at 1AM were incredibly long... it´s a lifestyle so different than I´m accustomed to.

Stopped at the store where the yarn for the endless cabled poncho was bought.. .was hoping to get a few hundred more grams, but they don´t have any like that now...guess I´ll have to finish with what I have and then try to rip back the first piece to a size that will be OK and finish the second piece with that... cables use so much yarn!

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g-girl said...

wow..dinner at 10 and the movie at 11? and the line for the 1AM showing was incredibly long? I don't know that I'd get accustomed to that kind of lifestyle myself..but it's nice when you're on vacation!