Saturday, June 13, 2009

still no

way to connect my laptop here. I may need to go out to a wifi place.. .unfortunately my battery doesn´t last very long... what a conundrum

I took lots of pictures again today... of San Isidro, the cathedral, the artesanal fair, lots of architecture and some doors .... ok lots of doors... the colors are beautiful.

Ít´s been very sunny the past two days. But a bit chilly even in the sun and especially down by the river, where I´ve spent many hours. So in a down coat the sun feels great but my hands get cold to knit... I should make fingerless gloves LOL.

DS1 has something gong through him. Fever, cough (like croup) I feel badly for the poor kid... he never got out of his jammies today and slept most of the day (good for him I hope) I hope he´s feeling better soon.

As soon as I find a way to post some pictures I will...... tomorrow I believe is Recoleta... that should be fun. I love a good fair.

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