Thursday, June 04, 2009

last day

for teachers today. HOORAY!!

there was a nice luncheon at the blue ridge country club that included fresh fruit, cheese, cheese tortellini with pesto sauce, swedish meat balls, fried cheese ravioli, mozzerella sticks, bruschetta, wrap sandwiches and salad with brownies and cookies for desert. Beer, wine, soda and coffee were flowing freely. All this for $20 and you got to leave at 2 instead of 3!

I had 2 very dear friends that retired.... there were 10 retirees being honored. My friend Sam gave a great speech though... humorous as always. Nice afternoon.

Tonight DD flew up from brownies to juniors. She crossed the bridge... she was so excited all week. And we have our first project to do as Juniors. It will be one of our weekly craft projects that I'm planning for the summer. Keep your eyes posted. Every week will feature a new project!

Same girl has a sleepover at a friends tmrw.. I think her social life is better than mine...(well that wouldn't be too hard to do anyway)

I need to get more yarn for the blanket tmrw. I thought I had bought about 20 skeins, but I could have been wrong. So I'm on the last 2 with many more squares to knit. I figure I'll need one skein to sew them all up and 2 or 3 at least for the i-cord trim. I'm getting about 2 squares of stockinette from one skein.... and sometimes 2 with the cables... so I'll need 3 more for the cables and about 9 more for the stockinette... that should do it with the leftovers from each skein... i'll do russian joins on the yarn in the attached i-cord... it'll work out.

tmrw ds2 has his last day of day care.... then he'll be sleep deprived all summer cuz I'll be fit to be tied b4 I give him a nap.

see u tmrw.

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g-girl said...

so jealous that you had your last day a good 15 days before mine!