Saturday, June 27, 2009


are for fairs... but san telmo was a bit of a disappointment. The last time I was there, there were lots of tango dancers, bandolino players and human statues.... today... there were some artisans selling their wares but none of the rest of it. And no antiques in the square. I was hoping for lots of cool pictures...SIL tells me we should have gone on Sunday...but tmrw is election day here and I´ve been told that almost everything is closed.

The cathedral is beautiful. There were a few babies being baptized when we went in, so I didn´t get many pictures there either.

The HUGE houses were originally owned by rich aristocrats but when the yellow fever came they flew to sections of BA like Palermo. Squatters came in and took over the properties often with one family living in each of the rooms. The quads were shared gardens, I assume... Now each room houses a different shop. Quite interesting and really beautiful architecture.

We visited the San Telmo market... where you can buy almost anything. Meat, veggies, fruit, clothing, antiques, toys... incredible all the little shops.

On the way back Puerto Madero... really beautiful at sunset. With its huge sailing ship that was used at one time to sail the naval graduates around the world.

Some gorgeous sights for another beautiful day in Buenos Aires... We´ve been blessed with terrific weather.

2 more days in the city then returning home... it went fast!

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g-girl said...

interesting that everything closes on election day. probably a smart thing to do that way there's no excuse to not cast your vote!