Wednesday, June 03, 2009

'way' more to go

in order to finish the way afghan. But here's what's complete and unblocked.

From the Barbara Walker Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book

square 3: Basketweave

square 4: Lattice with Seed Stitch

square 5: Diagonal Ribbing... there are 2 of these so they can face opposite directions

square 6: Twisted and Crossed Ribbing

square 7: Garter and Rib Pattern

square 25: Wave

square 27: Wickerwork

square 28: Twining Rib pattern

square 30: Twisted Lattice

square 31: Twisted Panels

square 32: Assorted Mock Cables

square 33: Simple Cables with Moss Stitch

square 34: Double Cables

square 35: Lacing Cable

square 38: Open Cable and Four-Rib Braid

square 39: Cabled Lattice

square 40: Variation Cables

I have 3.5 of 25 plain stockinette done as well... and need to complete 5 more cables.... oh and the wedding.. yeah, um it's this Saturday >.<

here is DD at her piano recital last Friday... she did SO well :-)

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g-girl said...

goodness. that afghan is going to be huge! it's also going to be gorgeous! i hope the recipients appreciate how much you put into it once they receive it. :)