Monday, June 15, 2009


what a lovely day for a walk... I started out with SIL and DD but DD really isn´t feeling up to snuff so she and SIL went back to the ILs to paint pictures with the ginko leaves we collected.

I walked down to the antique market at the train station on Peru (no not the country.. the name of the street) and took lots of fun pictures of old things... many trains, lots of vehicles (DS2 will be so happy), some sewing machines and some other stuff. The pictures are really fun. Then I came back ´home´ BUt on the way back I stopped at the confeteria del Sol and bought medialunas de manteca all by myself. I have to say it was a proud moment. First time for everything and better to venture into a place where I know what I want and the price is on the wall. LOL
I was out for 3 hours in the beatiful fall weather. TOok lots of pictures of doors and houses as well and some nature shots and one great shot of a bassett hound sitting outside his house. How I wish I could post them. Depending on how the kids feel tmrw, I may go searching Tues or Wed for a cafe that I can put pictures up on.

Later in the afternoon we met some friends and went to the river for a picnic... facturas and coffee.... the baked goods here are incredibly tasty and I need to watch myself that I eat very few.

if the kids feel better (I have a feeling they won´t though) we may go to temaiken tomorrow. Tuesdays are half price day and I could spend the whole day there with a big smile on my face!

I found out today that there was a case of swine flu at the kids school in DS1s grade. They closed the school early.... 2 days but I really need to watch him I think.

I hope to post pictures soon... I have so many delightful ones to share!

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g-girl said...

oh the kiddies are feeling better now! i wish you could post pictures too! maybe when you get back. :)