Sunday, June 07, 2009

lazy sunday

no pictures of the wedding couple today. Forgot the camera.

It was frog day today.. well deconstruction at the very least. All the sweaters from Friday are in parts and 1.5 are skeined and washed. More to come.

Joann's has the yarn that the way afghan is made of on sale this week. So I'll run and but the rest that I need. I think another 12 skeins should do it. That's a lot of yarn in that puppy! I think 6 pounds! It'll be cheaper for me to drive it up than mail it.

Went searching in the attic for pants for DS1 and found 8 pair that fit him :-D Love that I don't have to go buy him more... he grows so darn fast!

Need to cast on socks for DH for Father's Day. I'm thinking of the Interweave Knits Herringbone Rib pattern that they're offering for free right now. I have this really lovely wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, nylon, viscose blend that is super soft...a tweedy blue. I'd like socks from it. (of course it's recycled yarn.... and won't be going in my etsy store when I open it if I used it, but that's OK!)

back to work... whle the kids are away the lady needs to produce.

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