Monday, May 18, 2009

lovin' the work

I finally cut down the big evergreen bush that we've been talking about getting rid of since we moved here 10 years ago. I was out doing some yardwork and the neighbor came home. We started talking and I started purning.....hard, with very old lopers my dad had given me, broken handle and all. She offered to let me use theirs... new and sharp, AND kept me company while I cut away. Secretly I think she was really happy to see it gone too. Anyway... I'm sore from all that. And now I still need to dig out the stump.

My friend Patti had invited me to come over and try out her wool picker. So I walked down in the late afternoon carrying 4 fleeces in clear plastic boxes. You should have seen the looks I was getting walking down the street with all that stuff. So she helped me prepare the fleece. We did part of the BL/BFL/Romney blend I bought last spring. After about two hours of picking I had 2 BIG garbage bags of puffy cloud-like fleece. I wish I could spin it right now, but I have to finish the afghan first.

I left the rest of the fleeces there (with the exception of the black lamb finn) to pick more hopefully this weekend. DH asked me how much a picker was... I told him I didn't want one here at home with the kids. It looks like some torture apparatus.

My room at the 'new' building was flooded over the weekend. It completely destroyed the 1st grade big book. Fortunately the guitar was in it's hard case and wasn't harmed.
The other school I teach in had a leak in the roof so there was water damage there as well.

hope someone is being crafty cuz I haven't been lately.

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g-girl said...

lol. i pictured you walking down the stree with those clear plastic boxes. i think i would've giggled had i seen you in real life! sorry to hear about the leaks.