Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Update on knitting

I forgot to mention that at school yesterday 6 of my new knitters didn't show. There was a miscommunication between them and their teachers, so after school on Monday during chorus rehearsal I had 2 students ask if they could come to knitting even though they weren't on the list. Thinking I was down 6, I said sure! Well of the six, 4 of them came and another asked if she could trade spots with one that had been missing... add to that one more and I wound up with 8 new knitters today! Total = 26! My helper is a champ... she totally rocks. I grabbed the newbies, she took the fixes... Now mind you, every single one of them stopped first thing in the morning to grab their knitting to do when they were on down time from the test. I had all fixed but 2. So tonight I had to bring home 12 projects to pick up stitches here and there or to fix YOs or spots where they had knitted in the stitch below.....The picture on the left is what's ready to go back to school tmrw. I had to make sure that all were ready to go, because this group is REALLY enthusiastic. It does my heart good. :-D

On another note, I wanted to post a picture of Lily's fleece as it had been shorn off of her instead of crammed into the little box. That way you can see what a beautiful fleece she produces.

And last but not least, the cloth I did today (no not at work, after I got home)

Pattern: Right Angles Dishcloth by DilysSutherland Dishcloth Fun Mid March KAL
Yarn: Lily's Sugar and Cream
Color: Rosewood
Needle: Size 7 bamboo DPNS

I still can't post my cloth from the Monthly Dishcloth Group KAL because they haven't finnished. They should be done Wednesday but for me that's tmrw cuz I need to sleep. I'll put it all up tmrw night.

DS1 went to the dr. today. He seems to have a slight case of Pneumonia. SO he's on a wicked strong antibiotic. He's been sleeping so much and not eating hardly at all, which is so unlike him on both counts. DH has been home with hhim since Friday, but I can't not go in this week with the knitting thing.

I'm falling asleep at the keyboard.. .time for bed.
Happy crafting


g-girl said...

oh no..sorry to hear that DS1 has a slight case of penumonia! :( Poor guy. goodness, I don't know much about fleece @ all but Lily's fleece is indeed beautiful! :)
sounds like things are going so well with your knitting project. you do know that the kids are going to want to continue knitting, right?? ;)i have that same dishcloth yarn! :) I'm anxious to see what the finished product is for the md group. :)

hakucho said...

Your cloth looks just like vanilla, chocolate and stawberry ice cream. Looks great :)

happy knitting :)

Lea said...

I hop your son is feeling better! it just seems so odd to see the word "slight" next to the word pneumonia! Hopefully the antibiotics are doing their thing.

Oh, and that fleece looks absolutely beautiful! I'm jealous! :-D

carole said...

hakucho... that's a perfect description of that yarn!

Thanks for the good wishes for DS1.. he's doing much better, now his little brother is under the weather though... it never stops!

Lea , did you buy that cormo? Did you make the trip in the yucky weather?