Saturday, March 31, 2007

Can you say "procrastination"?

So DD chose the yarn and pattern for her Easter basket. She chose the Y2Knit Spring Basket pattern that was the pattern of the month in March 2005 and Paton's Classic Merino Rosewood. DS1 agreed he like the idea but preferred a basket in red. Of course the amount of red wool I have isn't enough to make a basket, so we dyed some tonight using 3 flavors of Kool Aid: Cherry, Very Berry and Tropical Fruit Punch in a 2/2/1 combination. First, I soaked the hanks in vinegar water, but I think I should have added some Dawn and made the water hot instead of cold. At any rate, in the pot on the stove went the Kool Aid, some vinegar and water. DS1 and DS2 stirred the pot. I put in 2 hanks of VT wool that I bought off eBay in the spring (I bought about 6 pounds I think) It's Aran weight and a bit yellowed from the lanolin and years of age. The ballband tells all. I hope it suits him.

I thought I had set the pot on simmer, but apparently the heat was a tad bit higher. No harm done, fortunately, because I caught it before it had boiled any of the liquid off. We were in the basement watching the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie on the Disney Channel, anyway, I sensed the faint aroma of hot wet sheep and flew upstairs to find the pot starting to boil... Needless to say I took it off the heat and checked the water and lo and behold, all the dye had been absorbed, rather evenly too. It's a bit orangier (is that a word?) than the red power ranger (which I'm sure is the color he has in his little 4 YO mind) but I think it will be fine. Now if I can only talk him into an accent color.... around the top and braided into the handle and maybe a little stripe in the middle??? I'll work on that.

Today I was taking some things to a local thrift shop and stopped at a LYS that was new to me. I had no intentions of buying fiber and I didn't (still on that diet), but wanted to have a look see.... I came home with 2 Fiber Trends patterns: the felted adult clogs and the felted birdhouses. Now I'd love to tell the name of the store, but my Dory brain has set in. However. KnitWiz Sew What Happens is calling to me, but I can't guarantee that that is indeed the correct name. Nope Google is my friend and the correct name is Knitwitz and Sew Much More. Anyway, there is lots of nice yarn to fondle... Lorna's Laces, Crystal Palace, Berroco, Mission Falls to name a few as well as some local handspun! It was merely by the grace of God that I left with no fiber in my hands!

Off to the resale shop and of course I had to go in to see if there were any knitting books or whatever. There weren't, nor was there decent yarn.... But I did buy a Musini for school (sans cartridge) for 95¢ which I thought was a steal. I have tons of cartridges here at home with ours, so... it'll work I think very well for the KDG classes...

Well it's now officially Palm Sunday and I'm off to spin some more.

Happy crafting


hakucho said...

Talk about procrastination...I have to find some time for dyeing and stop putting it off! You'll love the fiber clog trends pattern :)

happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

haha..your "Dory brain?" My fiance has a Dory brain sister calls him Dory from time to time. Can't wait to see the baskets. It doesn't look so orangey in the pic (the red fiber) but pictures aren't always accurate!