Saturday, March 03, 2007

One FO

Finally. It's only a dishcloth. I've been in such a slump. Not feeling like doing much of anything. I started to swatch the blurple yarn, but decided I think I may make regular mittens instead. Really I should get knitting on mom's felted slippers, then I think I'd feel better. Perhaps I'll CO today for that project.

I can't post a picture of the dishcloth yet, cuz it's from the Monthly DIshcloth KAL group and today is only day 3. They won't be finished for a few days at least. I just figured out what pattern it was and finished the cloth. Wierd cuz I expected a St. Patty's Day theme...

I found a place in town with round chopsticks. So I boughr 2 dozen for the project at school. Yesterday at school I sharpened the ends. Last night I sanded them, today I'll lightly wax them and they'll be ready. We're using rubber bands on the ends that keep the stitches on.... I have 9 more pounds of yarn to rewind and the fun begins March 12. I hope I'm not biting off for than I can chew!

i was spinning more on the drop spindle last night. I think it's time to buy my own, cuz I think I'd like a top whorl. The bottom whorl gets to the floor to fast for me LOL I'm doing the Lincoln Longwool that way. Kind of making it thicker cuz I'm thinking about making a rug with that yarn... We'll see.

I also washed up some Targhee that I bought from a sweet woman (whom I'll certainly buy from again) cuz Lea had some of it spun posted on her web and I got itchy to do mine! It's drying. I washed about a pound or so. Man there's a bunch of fiber in that box LOL I think it will be really nice.

Also I prepaid for 4 pounds of this year's shearing of a Polypay fleece. I'm anxious to see what it's like.

And my favorite aunt, who now lives in CA, has a friend with llamas, who said that he'll send me his spring shearing from his farm. I know it's not soft (llama wool in general) but it will be great for felted bags etc.... and it's free fiber ;-) On a sadder note, she's been diagnosed with colon cancer. Surgery is slated for March 14, so prayers are appreciated.

Yesterday on the way to school, the serpentine belt fell off the car. It's happened twice before (can you say design flaw?), so I figured what it was. Serendipitiously, it happened not far from a service station. I was able to maneuver the car to the station where they were able to fix it. Of course I had to leave the car there while I went to work. A nice co-worker came to pick me and the boys up and took us to our respective spots (we were about 7 minutes away from where we should have been) and after school my best buddy, whom I work with, took us back to the garage. DH had nothing to do with the whole process. I found out at dinner that he was home all morning and could have rescued us... of course it would have taken MUCH longer (because of the distance) so it all worked out fine. My luck with this van lately has just been BAD..... But I'm thankful it was a quick fix and things went very smoothly.. I work with a bunch of great people!


hakucho said...

Just wanted to let you know your Aunt is is my prayers.
Good luck with your spinning!

happy knitting and spinning :)

g-girl said...

you've fixed your progress bars! yay! :) i can't believe you've already finished the march kal. I haven't even started. so it wasn't a St. Patty's Day theme? I thought for sure it was going to be a shamrock! so what is this project that you are doing at school next week? sorry to hear about your aunt. :( My thoughts are with you and your family.

carole said...

Thanks Hachuko and g-girl for your thoughts and prayers. She continues to have a great attitude. One very special lady, indeed.

kweaver said...

You have so much fiber in your future - sounds fun!

g-girl said...

carole-here's my email address so we don't have to communicate via each other's blogs! rhodalyn[at]gmail[dot]com. :) the project you're going to be doing with the kids sounds awesome. hopefully it will go well. :) I expect to see some pics too! ;)

g-girl said...

oh geez, you'd think I'd know my own email address. lol. it's rhoda.lyn