Saturday, March 31, 2007

The flock grows

I knit another peep last night. This one is for one of the boys, which means I have one more to do for this family. Of course, I had a request for one from a colleague today because I took the pink one in to show off. And I thought hmmm if I put a bell inside, it would be a really cute baby gift... so I may do that for our school nurse! This time it was knit with Crayon by KnitPicks in light blue.

My kids at school are like knitting machines... I think there must be at least a dozen that have needles and yarn from my room... and kids that weren't even in the calss are coing in to get some cuz their friends have taught them to knit.

OK... off to make breakfast. Happy Saturday and happy crafting!


g-girl said...

these peeps are so cute. I'm still partial to the pink one though!
that is awesome about the knitting machines you've created! :)

Lea said...

I love the peeps! I want to make them now for my dd :-D.

And you must be so proud that you've started such a trend at the school...

hakucho said...

Cute peeps... would definitely be a cute baby gift :)

happy knitting :)