Friday, March 16, 2007

Requested information

g-girl reminded me that I forgot to tell all about the marble magnets. The kind we made last weekend were from the instructions on Not Martha Her pictures are much clearer than mine as well. She must have a better camera! My magnets look great IRL... We bought the generic clear bag from A.C. Moore but I'm going to look into getting a different kind. Even if I have to get them online, cuz I think it may be a great project for Christmas gifts this year!... Start saving those Altoid tins... You can also buy plain tins (I think it's mentioned on the marble instruction page) and that could be a great idea so you could decorate them yourself... Yup... I see many gifts in the future. Anyway, I'd like a better quality marble... clearer, cuz some in the bag have some funky designs in the glass every now and again and some have some strange shapes as well. Not precisely round if you get my drift!

We're in the midst of another winter weather event. Snow and sleet right now. and the winter storm warning lasts until 8 AM tomorrow... a full 24 hours. Of course we still had to report to in-service today because the school district doesn't give a rip if any of us are indangered because of driving in the muck! They were so generous and let us out 45 minutes early. The other districts in the area that had in-service had cancelled the day before 6 AM, but not mine! I won't type my thoughts. The presenter was great and the material was fine, it's just the attitude of the administration that has me riled... ok off the soap box! I did manage to knit a complete 'square' for the Warm Up America project and start a second. The health teacher knit about a third of one as well! Good thing I carried extra yarn and needles with me.....

I've plied another hank of 200 yards of Romney and there's also some on a bobbin plied.. but I think it's less than 100 yards. I'll spin more tonight.

I got the Polypay fleece today. I only glanced at the top. They included a small sample of their goats milk soap. Nice touch! There's a bit of grass and the tips are dirty, but not horrible. It should wash out pretty easily. Nice crimp and decent staple length.

Here's a picture of the ramboullette that arrived on Wednesday. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The box is exploding with fleece and it's about 15 inches tall. with the suface measurements the same as the flat rate square priority box. That one is going to be a blast to work with... the more I look at it, the more excited I am to start it!

back to the wheel... happy crafting~


Lea said...

Both fleeces look really nice. Especially the Ramboullet! I can see the tips of dirt on the Polypay, but honestly, I've always found that the easiest to get off anyways. It's the VM that drives me crazy :-D.


g-girl said...

ooooooh, thanks SO much for the link! I'm so going to make some magnets now..I think they're going to be a new addiction! ;) sorry to hear about the winter storm. I can't believe you still had to go in for your in-service. :P

AlisonH said...

Gorgeous fleeces--I have a superfine kid mohair fleece in a gorgeous soft gold color that's been needing attention, and your photos make me want to go play with it.