Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Too long... no knitting

I can't yet post a picture of my latest FO, because it's for a dishcloth exchange....
My potholder was completely frogged last night. I just started ripping and kept going. I got HOW to do it, but dropped a stitch at the end of a row, and started frogging to pick it up and figured, eh.. frog it all.... next time I'll choose different colors. I'm thinking about doing a rooster one for one of my dear friends instead.. I know she'd love it. Could make a cute easter present.

And in my mind, I'd like to make the kids felted baskets for easter and put some knitted peeps in them. Wonder if I have the time.

The get stitchy April KAL starts soon... it's for a bath item. My plan is to make a bath mat. I have the yarn already, so I don't have to buy anything. I've been so good all of lent about not buying yarn.

The thing I should be talking about is all the new knitters at my school. It's so cool to see them walking around with yarn and sticks. If we want to donate an entire blanket, we need 49 squares.... I have to convince all my knitters to keep going. If they each knit 2, we can easily make it. Even if not quite all of them do that, we can make it. But it's brought closet knitters out as well. Kids that didn't take the class that ask if they can work on squares... I'm so happy about that.

The marking period ends tomorrow... I have until Monday to put the grades in Power School... which of course, the school district has YET to train me to use. So what should take about one hour takes me 5 or 6. I hate this time of the school year. And my principal really has no clue what to tell me to help. I have to go seek some assistance tomorrow so I can get that mess out of the way!

I've been carding the rest of the Romney and started the Targhee (which is a dream to card when it doesn't have any VM in it) I'm beginning to hate VM.

Hopefully I'll get some crafting done over the next week or so. I am missing it tremendously!


hakucho said...

Felted baskets and knitted peeps would be wonderful :)

happy knitting :)

carole said...

I hope they think so too!