Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Projects

So I've started some KALs... not as many as I'd like, but one is really cool cuz I'm learning double knitting. You know, use two colors, one side of the FO has the background in the main color with the design in contrasting color and the other side has a background in the contrasting color and design in the main color. I'm starting small with a potholder, but I'm thinking of some very cool baby gifts that this could turn into (too bad I know no one who is expecting.... Laura give me some advance warning if you're thinking of taking the plunge!) I also had to learn the crochet cast on to start this project... Anyway, I think it will be a great tool and could help me when I finally take the big intarsia step!

I'm doing the Monthly Dishcloth KAL as well and want to start the Dishcloth Fun KAL... and there's a group KAL at At My House group that I'll probably start. I've also signed up for the April KAL at Get Stitchy for bath items. I'm thinking of a bath mat. It's been on my to do list for a while and I have all the necessary items, so why not?

I forgot to mention that I taught myself to knit continental last week and at the in-service at work on Friday, I taught myself to truly knit and purl left handed. All that's left is for me to do backwards knitting... and of course intarsia.

I've been spinning whenever I get the chance. Yesterday wasn't too much though. I was too busy digging us and our neighbors out. I wound up shovelling our front and side, and the front of 2.5 more neighbors out. The problem wasn't the snow it was the inch and a half of ice that was at the bottom. I admit.. I'm a bit sore today. I really need to do more exercise.

DH and I had a 'date' last night. One of his college students gave a voice recital so we went together. We should have gone out after but DS1 is still running a fever since Wednesday night so I felt like we really needed to get home. We got here and he was sound asleep.

OK... off to do some nuch needed work...happy crafting!

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