Saturday, March 10, 2007

Being Felt Up

The slippers that is... They are all knitted, now to felt them. Mom, you'll be wearing them soon I promise!
Last night I spent a couple of hours carding Fuzzy... there is a LOT to that fleece... after all it weighed 8 pounds before washing. I now have a big rubbermaid container filled with rolags and still more to card. Is it possible that the fleece manufactures itself before carding.. I swear there's as much fleece in the bag now as before I was carding yesterday! LOL I also finished one bobbin and this morning started the second. I'll ply this when this bobbin is finished.. although I think I'll leave some single ply after this bobbin to make some socks.

I'm anxious to finish Fuzzy so I can start Petey and her sister. I have a couple more fleeces on the way… Lily (a ramboullet/shetland cross... her first shearing so she should be soft) who will be about 3 pounds skirted, a polypay that is 5 pounds skirted and ramboullet that is 5 pounds... so I think I have enough fiber to work with for a while.

I should probably spin up a bunch and send it off to my MIL to share... that would be nice, wouldn't it?

I also have to finish winding the yarn for Monday's school project and cast on 22 sets of 28 stitches with a couple of rows started for the little cherubs... YIKES....

perhaps there'll be a post with a picture of the slippers later... we'll see!

happy crafting

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hakucho said...

Did you say felted slippers? I'll have to come back to see them when they're done...I LOVE felting :)

happy knitting :)