Monday, March 19, 2007


As I sit, trying to untangle a mess that one of my knitters made with a center pull ball (don't ask me how, I don't know.... she took it home as a center pull and brought it back the next day a rats nest) I was thinking of haiku that I could compose that would describe the last weeks experience.

teaching kids to knit:
dropped stitches and yarn overs
all test my patience

Balls of yarn
wound as center pull
seemed to me a great idea
why is it a mess?

It was a wonderful experience and taught me so much about knitting and fixing mistakes. Gave me a newfound confidence to try things out in my own knitting. But 21 beginners to handle alone in only 80 minute segments is too many!

wish me luck for this week!


hakucho said...

I'm sure it will go better this week! Good luck and happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

I agree with hakucho! I'm sure things will be better this week because you're a bit wiser now. :)