Monday, March 19, 2007

More fleece

My rambo cross arrived today.. and boy is she a beaut. So soft and smells incredibly good... if you're reading this Holly, I kid you not, it was like a sweet smell when I opened the box. It's crammed packed with soft white Lily fleece. The name of the sheep is Lily...Now I really must stop buying fiber... both raw and spun! At least for a bit HAHA

Holly included a bit of roving from the fleece that she had washed up and flicked with her combs. This will give you an idea of how beautiful this yarn's potential is in the right hands... hope that I can do her justice!

Well week 2 of knitting class started today. I had all new kids. One had her grandma give her a crash course yesterday and today she was FLYING! Another boy had knitted before so he was doing well. I had only 1 leftie, but was well armed and taught her alone... in a true left handed fashion. And I had preloaded the knit stitch video from from home, so they got to watch that first off. PLUS, my cohort in crime is an experienced knitter. All in all, it went much much better, and the time really flew... 80 minutes with a large group of new knitters is nothing. I stayed after my chorus rehearsal a fixed a few YOs and dropped stitches and brought only 2 or 3 home to fix for the night.

The boys still have a low-grade fever. I think DS2 is just starting and DS1 is on the mend... hopefully they can tough it out tmrw. Poor kids. They were doomed... 2 weeks ago at my school we were missing 16% of the student body (that's like 110 kids) on one of the days. The rest of the days weren't as bad, but still were high in absenteeism.

I finished the Monthly Dishcloth KAL tonight but can't post a picture because they are about 19 rows behind me. I'll put in a little teaser though. I can start on one of the other KALs now that this one is finished :-)

Happy crafting!

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g-girl said...

what yarn did you use?? I like all the different colors. I can't keep up with any of the kals anymore. I have to wait till the pattern is complete and then I decide if I want to make the pattern or not--what's the fun in that? :P it kind of looks like a basketweave though..guess I'll have to wait until thursday/friday to see what it is. :) glad to hear things are easier this time around--and it helps that you have an experienced knitter helping you out!