Tuesday, December 01, 2009

ho ho ho

Tonight I made this:

It's from 3 different recycled sweaters. I used the middle and a bit of the bottom of one sweater (the top and toe and heel) and a sleeve from a green sweater and the front of a red sweater. I got the idea from Betz White's book warm fuzzies. I adore that book. As well as her blog. I mean it... I want to be one of these folks who thinks this stuff up!

Anyway it's for the daughter of a woman who subs at my school. BF gives me wool sweaters to frog or felt and keeps my spirit in it's free zone.

I changed the pattern a bit by opting to line the stocking. You can see the Christmas calico in this picture. Then I blanket stitched the calico and top of the stocking together since I didn't attach the cuff the way Betz suggests in the book. I think for next Christmas everyone in our family will have a new stocking. So simple to make and I love how it turned out... and so does DH..... I won't pressure myself to have them finished by this year.

Violet's kimono sweater was finished about 20 minutes before we saw her. I was knitting on the way to church and on the way to their house.. .then seamed it up while we were on the turnpike... sewed on the buttons and wrapped it up. And so the picture I have is a lousy phone picture because I forgot to take the camera along.... (this is the 2nd week in a row... i have to attach that thing to my body or something!) The visit with the cousins was amazing though... the kids all got along great and I love seeing my family... wish they lived closer.

comtemplating NaBloPoMo for this month... how crazy is that????

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g-girl said...

this is such a great stocking!! good luck with NaBloPoMo this month!