Sunday, November 22, 2009

yet another cowl

When I picked up the kids from afterschool care on Wednesday, DS1 informed me that his Spanish teacher was moving. Her last day would be Friday. This is the boy who does NOT deal well with change. So he wanted to give her something and could I make something for her. Hmmm gives me how much time???? and I have to work Thursday... OK...

Not only did she teach Spanish but she was also the ski club advisor. In light of all the cowls on and off my needles, I found it only appropros to make yet another..... gotta love thos quick stash busters:

pattern: Candle Flame Cowl by Julia Allen
yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease
color: fisherman
needle: US7
recipient: seƱorita R

OK.... back to his classroom teacher's gift.. oh I have a baby to knit for by the weekend. And Thanksgiving dinner to host.. yikes!


Anonymous said...

good mama!! Love the blog and projects.

can't wait to see baby items!


NewLifeYarns. Great shop name! So, when is the shop gonna open, you big tease?

Lanie said...

That cowl is beautiful! I'm sure your Thanksgiving dinner turned out well!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet PEAR comment for me!

rachel said...

Fellow PEAR here...

It's a cold, rainy, blustery day outside... and your sunny yellow cowl really perks me up! I imagine it would be a lovely pop of color with a dark coat.

And thanks for your very nice comment!

g-girl said...

poor DS. i think most lil ones don't deal well with change especially having a teacher move. i'm sure she loved the cowl! :)