Friday, December 25, 2009

a knitting christmas

So my family secret pal gave me Barbara Walker's 2nd treasury of knitting book, a gift certificate to a LYS in her haunts and a beautiful hand quilted table runner. My santa at home gave me 3 troll beads for my bracelet a shee tape measure and sheep scissor guard, needle sizers (that's what I asked for), a beautiful wood shawl pin and cat bordhi alphabet stitch markers... :-D

We had a lovely visit with the fam yesterday, beautiful church service... home by 3 AM in bed by 4:30 AM kids had us up at 7 AM.

Today friends and their kids came for dinner... they brought lots to eat and we shared great company, food and drink for many hours... always such a pleasure... oh what fun! really I love it!

lucky lucky girl I am..

the most priceless part of the day was DS1 telling me that he was so happy and it was the best Christmas ever. *that* makes it all worthwhile!


Jane said...

Oh, you are loved! Merry Christmas!

hakucho said...

You'll love BW's 2nd Treasury!!! It's a great book and such a nice gift for a knitter!

happy new year and happy knitting :)

Priyanka said...

Good post and looking forward for future updates

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