Saturday, December 12, 2009


could i have not posted yesterday.

I've been busy getting prepared for my concerts at school. This weekend I have to finish making packing peanut popcorn garland for the tree at school. I was picking up freecycled packages to help decorate for that. Also hit the $1 store.

Stocking fillers are finished, I think.

Tmrw... Christmas cookies

Tonight... Vespers at Moravian College. DH is conducting women's chorus....

I'll post a report later!


g-girl said...

christmas cookies! I can't wait. you're already done with stocking fillers?? I haven't even begun my shopping..what's with me??

question about PEAR--do you have to post mainly about crafty things??

Marie-Jolie said...

Busy, busy! It seems like this time of year is just one huge whirlwind. :)