Saturday, December 26, 2009

which north pole character am I?

I took Martha Stewarts quiz tonight and it claims:

You are undoubtedly
An Elf
Hardworking and skillful, you put 100 percent into everything you do. As a result, people tend to trust you with daunting tasks, like making presents out of scratch. You're also a good listener with a flair for fashion


the 11th cowl is complete:

Pattern: cha cha cowl by Judy Scofield
Yarn: Tahki Dazzle
Color: 002 varigated tans and purples
Needle: US8
Recipient: Karen Boksan

Karen saw my chickadee and wanted one like it.. this pattern is close.. since i didn't want to make 2 of the same. I continued moving the slipped stitch over one completely ignoring the directions

tmrw looks like it may be a Hershey day...... if the rain stops

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Jane said...

I agree - you've been a busy elf!