Wednesday, December 23, 2009

green for Christmas

one of the bus drivers in my school district teased me a while back that I should make her a scarf cuz her daughter absconded hers (was fun fur) and she likes green... a no nonsense kind of girl, whom I adore!
I present to you cowl 10

Pattern: simple fitted cowl by Leona Wiora
Yarn: Knitting Fever Cashmere Luxury Aran
Color: Green
Needle: US6 US8
Recipient: Roxie... bus 1

The cool part about this pattern is you can wear it over your ears instead if you like like this.

One more to make... I think it'll be the cha cha pattern on ravelry

so one of my internet friends completely surprised me yesterday. She lives in England (yes you Lesley) and she ordered a gift from the states and they sent it directly to me. It came with this lovely Christmas card and a little sock blocker key ring. Along with a pattern for a mini sock to make to go on the blocker. It's so darn cute. I LOVE it... so much. it came from knitcellaneous. I'm going to visit there to see what other goodies there are!


Marie-Jolie said...

I'm gonna start calling you Cowl instead of Carol *wink*... I can't believe you've knit so many! Good for you! :)

French Picnic said...

A very practical and affordable gift (and a great project for stash yarns!)

g-girl said...

oh, i love that you can wear it over your ears too!

Priyanka said...
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