Thursday, December 10, 2009


post tonight for tmrw... hehee

Pattern: Ridged Lace Cowl
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman
Color: Aran
Needle: US8
Reciepient: DS1's teacher
Modifications: did 4 complete patterns the did to row 8 and gartered 4 more rows not 7)

FInally this cowl is finished.. I started it 3 times because it always got shoved to the back burner.

Now to make a couple more......what pattern to choose!


Gabrielle said...

OOO, I love it. You're good if you can keep making the same thing. I can make something once and I really want to move on. :)

French Picnic said...

Thanks for putting the details in the post, that's always good info when newbies like me want to make something. Well... 1/2 of French Picnic is new to knitting the other is a master!!

Marie-Jolie said...

Lovely cowl! That would make a great gift.

Have a great weekend!

g-girl said... don't have to admit to cheating! lol. love the ridged lace cowl!! I've had it in my queue forever..