Saturday, December 27, 2008


well for me it's still Friday, cuz I haven't gone to bed yet.

My brother and his wife (and their son) got a yellow lab puppy from Santa. Boy is he cute. His name is Cody, but I won't hold that against him.

The girl's gift for the family was upcycled mittens. They had flannel linings like the ones for DS1's teacher.

My one brother loved his hat. He'll use it for running he says...I made it to match his fingerless mittens from last year

The kids got a Wii for Christmas. Santa brought Wii fit too... guess that'll be in my new year's resolution.

The Roland Micro cube finally arrived. It's a great little amplifier that I'm sure I'll be borrowing now and again. And the guitar playing through the amp has started. Must. get. DS1. guitar. lessons!

I made a cloth today based on the stitch for Dec 25 from the stitch of the Day calendar. I think my SIL needs some for her house when she returns to Argentina. Her house colors are white so I'll make a group of white cloths... pictures to come.

I've started the birthday cowl and frogged it 3 times now... it's going to sit a bit before I cast on for another. maybe I'll make a different pattern. I am using the Moda Dea wool/silk blend which is really nice. Just my brain that isn't working well

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