Sunday, December 28, 2008

fiber gifts of the season

from all my angels

From me to me:

2 pitch picker combs from ebay

From DH to me:

Starbucks cable knit mug. How perfect? Of course I gave the specifics. It holds a good amount of coffee and drinks well!

From my family secret pal (my nephew):

digital scale and yes I asked for it to weigh my handspun and recycled yarn.

From my Love2Knit Dishcloth Yahoo group pal, Amanda in two parts
Part 1:

purple sawtooth cloth, white lamb cloth and chinese take out filled with chocolates and 2 cloths seen below in part 2

Part 2:

2 red, white and green smaller sawtooth cloths, emory board and postcard from
Wheaton Arts Festival, magnet of the state of NJ (where Amanda lives), felt pointsettia pin, 2 candy canes and 3 candy cane pens and a skein of bright red Paton's merino! Thank you Amanda

I have some really cute students gifts I could post later. Tonight I've been frogging sweaters and deconstructing a leather jacket.

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Becky said...

OH, wow ! I absolutely LOVE that mug! You received some really cool gifts.