Thursday, December 11, 2008

let it snow

but let us get in for part of the day tomorrow.... I can't afford to have a day off, I need to see kids to still prepare for the concert. DH told me tonight that I should have started earlier... guess he was right. But I'm in deep doo doo if there's no school. I'll still need to go in to do some things and I hate to think of driving 35 minutes in crummy weather.

Here is one of my wreaths with just a bow, hanging on the door. I gifted this to a dear, dear friend that we were visiting over the weekend.

Last night I finally made the bobbles for the little pointsettia that I stuck on another felted wreath. It looks pretty good. This will be part of the gift for DS1s teacher. I plumped up the bow as well and much prefer the looks of this one. Must. make. bows. plumpy!

The pointsettia is made using a free pattern from Knitting Daily. I actually first saw it advertised in Interweave Knits 2008 Holiday issue. It's from the A-little-something-special.pdf that includes this flower, a bag, a snowflake, a in-progress bitty sock & hat ornaments and a cabled globe ornament. I made mine in red kitchen cotton and the bobbles in yellow cotton scraps on US3 dpns. Easy knit... the hardest part is putting it together!

DH had to buy something on ebay today. I was at school when a guitar closed for Santa to bring to DS1. I called him with 10 minutes to spare and talked him through it. YAY we won the auction so I think there will be one very happy little boy come the morning of the 25th.

DH's gift came yesterday. I found out AFTER it had been ordered. I'm saying no more.

Off to deal with kiddos then prep for school. have a great evening


The Phillips Fam said...

That is so cute. It's just what that wreath needed. I really need to learn how to knit.

Rachel Bott said...

k I love that wreath. I need you to teach me how to do this the next time I am in PA. We will have a knitting day with Sarah. I admire your work Carole. Hey can I get your address to send you a christmas card and thank you card. I know it is waaay past due, but hey better late than never. Forgive my tardiness. Give eduardo and the kiddies a hug from us.

g-girl said...

the wreaths look great!! so glad to see one of those poinsettias knitted up! I was gonna knit some up and wondered how they'd come out in cotton so thanks for that! :) wow. nice gift! :)