Thursday, December 18, 2008


or keeping heat in the body....

Pattern: Calorimetry from knitty by Kathryn Schoendorf
Yarn: Red Heart McIntosh
Color: Dublin
Needle: US8
Button: from stash
Recipient: DS2 preschool teacher Pam

Love the easy quick knit. Man I could crank these kind of gifts out and be really happy. It was a little boring to do though. I made it while DD had her gymnastics class last Friday night. She's there for 2 hours and I cast on in the beginning and got about 70% of the way through. I took several breaks to watch her though. So all in all I'm happy with a quick knit.

Here's a close-up of the button... kind of cute I think

I should be getting down to business now.. there are teacher gifts to wrap and the family gifts that still need sewing... plus the power point for school for Tuesday. When does it end??????

I just bought a little 2 watt Roland amp for DS1 from ebay. I think I got it for a great price. I checked out the youtube demos of it and it seems like a really cool little amp!


Krista said...

oh...this reminds me that I need to get a gift for my kiddos 1st grade teacher. Too bad I didn't get my act together early enough to knit something.
That button is just perfect by the way!

g-girl said...

so what were your teacher gifts this year?? are you still in school??