Monday, December 01, 2008

as if

I needed more holiday stress, I signed up for NaBloPoMo for December... sort of go out of 2008 with a blog bang.

I'm procrastinating doing school work, by blogging and knitting, but at least this will force me to post daily at least a word or two or picture.

I trust everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I cooked... we had too much food, the kids were great and it was very relaxing spending time with the family. I could show lots of stuff from the 5 days off, but it may be wise to save some of that for this month...

So I leave you with thoughts of snow.....the theme of the chorus concert this year. DS1 woke up the house yesterday to announce the ground was white.... and it's not even December 1st... he was really excited. Of course, it rained the rest of the day and the snow was gone in short order.

I'll save more of the weekend stories for this week. Enjoy December!

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