Wednesday, December 24, 2008

helping the economy

this week.

At ACMoore I bought lavender in organza bags for 1.75 each. I bought a bunch! I think 16 bags. For now, they're in the dressers and bags of wool. There's enough of that around my house.

Yesterday, DS2 went with me Joann's (he had no choice) I got polar fleece remnants were 1/2 price for 50% off that price. I have big plans for it! I also got clear glass ornaments to make gifts for next year over vacation with the kids. I may have to go back for more.... they were 50% off... hoping for a deeper mark-down yet.

Old Navy had some great sales.... their polar blankets for $3 each. Crazy I tell you. DH is getting a pair of sweat pants too... Black.. he'll like them I hope.

Today was opening day for my Love2Knit dishcloth exchange (I think it was today... I opened mine this morning) Thank you Amanda so much. I love my goodies. I'll post a picture tomorrow with my other gift (and my school goodies.. well what I haven't eaten of them!)

This is what I sent my partner:

There are 2 tea towels: one plain red and one white with a peppermint candy applique and red and white trim. Her kitchen is red and white.
I also made a candy cane illusion cloth, I included a medium wreath that I made from felted green sweaters, some pig stickers and two magnets I made from little wooden decorations: a starfish and a frog and a skein of green and white kitchen cotton. I hope you enjoy it Connie!

The annual sing went pretty well yesterday. Of course it was the only holiday concert in the district that the new superintendent didn't make. I specifically invited her so I'm a bit plussed. I made one major boo boo though.... forgot to upload the flutophone accompaniment on my iPod, so I played for them which was not as nearly as cool as the whole funk stuff. We sang for an hour... with a powerpoint presentation of 95 slides. Chorus did four of their songs from the winter concert that will now be in January (the day after my birthday) and were great. I really love those kids.

Started mom's knitted gift while wrapping the rest of the family's gifts. I'll post the pictures of theirs after they are gifted.

Have a blessed evening and merry Christmas until tmrw.

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g-girl said...

that's what I need to get...more lavendar! you surely spoiled your partner! love the cloth, the wreath and that peppermint candy tea towel! glad the annual sing went well.