Wednesday, December 03, 2008

day out with the mayor

I was going to put in a wordless Wednesday post, but....

I mentioned that the Friday before Thanksgiving DD and her class went to decorate a Christmas tree downtown in the center city plaza?

Well I was incorrect about which tree they decorated. There is one HUGE tree at the front of the Plaza just behind the life sized creche, but the one they decorated is a smaller tree closer to the bridge side with red white and blue lights. At any rate,
here are a couple of pictures from their day downtown and lunch with the mayor.DD had a blast. Photo credits go to DH

This is the tree with decorations. The classes made them at school with a metal can lid with markers, 3D paint and regular paint.

Here are some of the kids with Mayor Callahan

the whole shebang in front of the tree

It will take me the whole month to catch up just from my measly November postings I think. Tomorrow some hints of what we did over the weekend.

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g-girl said...

i love that the tree is decorated with homemade ornaments! :)