Tuesday, December 16, 2008

chocolate, peppermint and nuts

So DD and I took some time out tonight to make the special area teacher gifts that they'll need to deliver on Wednesday. My school chorus concert is tonight and there's no way I'll feel like making them after the concert.

So this is what it is a mug (I know lame teacher gift, but it's just the container) with a package of hot chocolate mix and a half dozen homemade chocolate covered pretzel rods.

We dipped the rods halfway up the stick in chocolate and then added on top a complimentary flavor. The white chocolate has crushed peppermints and the milk chocolate has crushed peanuts. I haven't tried them so I hope it's good. It works in theory and they look good enough to eat as well!

We'll wrap them in clear cello and tie them with red and green raffia to be a bit fesitve. I need to make cards yet as well. I know that stamp is around this house someplace... hope I can find it tmrw night after the concert (if I don't collapse)

Although, NOAA isn't predicting great stuff for Tuesday into Wednesday, so maybe no one will be going to school on Wednesday. I could use a day off to catch up on baking and sewing. I'm wondering what the deal with be for the evening. If I will indeed get the winter concert in before winter actually begins (calendar speaking) or will it truly be a winter concert and have to wait until January.

The rehearsal today went pretty well. They are really a great group of kids. Some goofballs, but I love them. DH played for me he plays a little over half of the songs. 2 have accompanimental CDs that came with the music series, 1 is an accompanimental tape (I know can you believe it) and I'm playing for my 6th grade snow angels.... 7 girls that are singing solo/small group for 2 numbers There are 12 selections in all and about 2 dozen or more poems that will be read between numbers. I've made a power point presentation of pictures to go along with the poem and songs. And there's so much that I can't do until the very last minute it will be a miracle if it all gets accomplished. I hate that I have to do it in the gym and not be able to set up ahead of time.... the tribulations of a small school... mine is the only one in the district without a proper stage or facility... makes everything a challenge but I've been doing it for so long that way I know no differently.

Well, I have knitting to show but will save it for another day. On a sad note DH and I decided that the fabric that US5 was producing for his vest was so thick and stiff, so I ripped out down to the ribbing and I'll start over with 6's . (That was my choice to begin with but he preferred the swatch of the 5s)

My package from my Love@Knit Dishcloths exchange partner arrived today... now to not open it until the 25th. Thanks Amanda... can't wait to get at it and I absolutely adore the box... way too cute!!!!!!!!

Ummm. my ten on tuesday list will have to wait... I don't have time this morning.


g-girl said...

the mug is cute..I love what was inside the mug though! :) the rods look cool and I'm sure it was all much appreciated. :) glad to hear rehearsal went well.

Amanda said...

I definitely got enjoyment from the penguin boxes from the USPS this year. Hope you get enjoyment from the contents! :-)