Friday, August 22, 2008

we're back

to school that is.... I have some pictures of my room in its incomplete state. I'll take some finished pictures tmrw and one of my new 'room' too. You'll be shocked!

This is the old color. A cool (as in touch of blue) light green. Mind you the carpet is avocado tweed (think 70s) and the chalkboard is avocado, but I have a kelly green counter top on one end of the room and blue folding chairs... nice, no?

In this shot you can see glimpses of the chairs, carpet, counter and chalkboard. (hmmm all c words) Also the wall over those large (and very deep, rendering them a waste of space) cabinets is staying green cuz I wasn't about to crawl up there to paint. This picture doesn't do the yellow justice. Wait til tmrw. I'll take some GOOD pictures.. maybe DH will let me take Olympia to school with me!

Here I am crossing the park with my cart. The man in the picture, you ask? No clue! But he helped me get the cart over the curb and wanted to push it for me... I wouldn't let him. What if something happened to him while he was pushing it? Anyway, he hung around so we got him in the picture The K-1 center is across 4th Street from the park and the elementary school (grades 2 - 6) is across 3rd Street from the Park. Quickest route is through the park, which I'll have to do once a week. I'm at the K 1 center 3.5 days a week. But on the half day I start at the elementary school and then at lunch go to the other building. I'll wait for my room description for the picture.. it will say 1000 words at least!

I finished knitting the Interweave Press Old World Booties that they had as a free download quite some time ago. I made the gold ones and used gold wool (imagine that!) They've also been through the wash twice, but they aren't felting (Paton's merino... so it shouldn't be a problem felting) but the pattern calls for size 2 needles, and I think that's where the problem is, because there's so little space to work wiht. Tomorrow after I get home I'll try hand felting them, I think the water in the washer didn't get hot enough. They're cute as a button even unfelted, so if it doesn't work, I'm not gonna worry, but they're even cuter felted (If that's possible)

Ok... time for me to go to bed. 6 AM will be here faster that I want to think about!


hakucho said...

The booties are super cute. I'm surprised about the paton's not felting, but then again I had problems last Christmas when I tried to do 5 pairs of slippers at the same time. My washer was too cramped with the sheets and all those slippers. Guess the conditions have to be just right.

Hope your felting by hand goes better :)

g-girl said...

you have to go across the park to get to each site?? well, it'll be good exercise!! the booties look nice..sorry they're not felting up like they should!