Tuesday, August 26, 2008

day 2

of school. Yesterday went without a hitch. I was at the new building all day. I think I may have a permanent home there (well for the time that I spend there, that is) When I left on Friday afternoon, I had no idea where I'd be teaching Monday morning. But there is a lovely room with little chairs and desks that would occasionally come in handy and an empty space large enough to do lots of moving around with those little 5 and 6 year old cherubs. To say I was tired at the end of 8 classes and morning and afternoon bus duty, would have been an understatement. I really wanted to come home and sleep, but that wasn't in the cards. DS2 decided that he was a big boy and big boys didn't go to bed at reasonable times. He talked himself awake until 11 PM (yes, there was a nap for him at daycare) so I got to do my schoolwork until 1:30AM...that made 6AM come really fast.

Today, I was in my freshly painted room in the old building. It's really a joy to be there. My students love the new look. I taught 5 classes there, grades 2 through 6, ate lunch and then went back to teach 1st and Kindergarten. This afternoon was a walk through fire drill. Just one problem, the PA system doesn't work in my room so I never got the call to do the drill. So the joke was that the KDG kids and the music teacher were charred. Personally, I was just as happy not to have my lesson interrupted and their teacher can walk them through tmrw at the real drill!

I came home and in my e-mail in box was notification that I won the 34th Mommy Giveaway for the Circle of Love Necklace from Heart on Your Wrist! from "The Giveaway" (the link to this cool giveaway site is also in my sidebar.... go check it out!) What a great surprise! I've never won anything on the net before, so this is really exciting for me. DD was almost as happy as me.

Now that the ravelympics are over, I have some projects to do. Small ones include a cozy for my stainless water bottles (one at each school) and some dishcloths for the sinks in the room (to wash my lunch dishes of course), some baby bibs for those September babes and wild stripes. All of which, of course, I have the yarn for. The last one I have some alternate colors for because when I ordered the yarn from Knitpicks long ago they didn't have the same colors (I ordered it in swish DK instead of the merino style because it's superwash.) Tonight I revisited and found some of the colors and other better substitutes so I had to remedy the situation and got myself some circs in both harmony and metal so I can do toe up socks on 2 circs. (a technique I just learned doing one of the baby booty patterns for the ravelympics.

OK... I MUST put these kids to bed and do some school work.
happy crafting

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g-girl said...

congrats on winning the necklace. it's pretty! wild stripes is nice! I hadn't seen that pattern before.