Sunday, August 31, 2008

hmmmm... will this really work?

water bottle sock by ME!
yarn: some cheap yarn (100% wool and very scratchy) bought from ebay
colors: apple green and turquoise
needles: US10 dpns (set of 5)

I've had a few requests for the pattern so here you go! I wanted to post a .pdf file, but don't know how to do that on blogger. Any body give me some advice?

Be prepared to do some math.

Use your yarn scraps to knit up a nice sleeve for your bottle to protect your furniture and keep a firm grip with hands dry

My bottle measures 9.25” in circumference
The height from the bottom to where I wanted the cozy to end is 3.5”
The radius of the base is 1.5 inches

Use a needle 2 to 3 sizes larger than one that you would usually use for your desired yarn weight. This gives the knitted fabric room to shrink.

• Knit a swatch. I CO 30 stitches on US10 needles and knit until my swatch was 4”
tall, which was 18 rows
• Felt said swatch
(mine could have been felted more, which means I need to felt my cozy more as
well I think)
•Measure the swatch to get your felted gauge.
In my case the swatch after felting measured 7” wide by 3” high

Now it’s math time. Proportions to be precise

7/30 = 9.25/x Here x = 39 with a remainder
width of felted swatch/# of stitches CO = circum./# of stitches needed
I rounded up to 40 stitches for CO to make the decreases in the bottom more even.

3/18 = 3.5/x here x =21
height of felted swatch/# of rows = height desired /# of rows needed
I rounded up to 22 to make a Fibonacci series possible

3/18 = 1.5/x x = 9
This is for the amount of rows needed to decrease to produce bottom.
The larger your bottles radius the more rows you may need

Tools needed:
•DPNs or circular needle(s) in the size you have determined to suit your yarn for felting
•100% wool yarn (or something that will full when washed)
I used 2 colors, you may choose to use more than that or a single color.
•Darning needle for weaving in ends

So for me,

Circumference at sides (like the leg of a sock)
•CO 40 in CC on a US10 needle
•Join in the round, (You can place a marker here if you wish, I just leave the tail and use that as a marker, use whatever method suits you, dpns, magic loop, 2 circs, because the circumference will most likely be small that you’re knitting) and knit 2 rounds
•Change to MC (I carried the CC up the side rather than break it and need to weave in ends) and K 1 round
•Change to CC and knit 2 rounds
•Change to MC, knit 3 rounds
•Change to CC, knit 5 rounds (you can break CC off at end of 5th round and weave in as you knit the next row)
•Change to MC knit 8 rounds

Preparing for Base this helps it stand evenly
•Purl 1 round

Decreases in Base
•[K6, K2together] five times
•K one round
•[K5, K2together] five times
•K one round
•[K4, K2together] five times
•[K3, K2together] five times
•[K2, K2together] five times
•[K1, K2together] five times
•[K2together] five times
•bring yarn end through all five stitches draw tight.
•Weave in ends

Place in zippered pillowcase and fill washer to low setting with HOT water, add small amt of detergent, and place a pair of jeans in washer for agitation. Wash on most vigorous setting. Rinse with COLD water.

I always spin mine out before checking (I know, bad idea, bad habit) This particular yarn took 2 and will need a third wash for my desired amount of felting to occur. Paton’s or Cascade will felt much more readily, so be careful.

To dry, I placed my water bottle in the cozy so that it would conform to the desired shape.

Drink up!

© Carole Burkhardt
All rights reserved.
Please do not post this pattern on any website or sell this pattern without the owners consent. You may link back to this page for pattern distribution
Products made from this pattern may be sold as long as credit is given.


yoel said...

Love how these felted down so nicely! The matchy stripes on the cozy and cup are so cute!

hakucho said...

Lovely...thanks for the pattern :)

You can upload your PDF files to one of the free PDF hosting sites (use google to find). I did (can't remember which one it was)that but then one day all my files just disappeared! Now I upload them to my comcast page and that seems to work the best for me. Good luck :)